Article Forge Coupon Code Brought To You By GrabHosts

By | July 30, 2023

Bloggers and SEO professionals around the world have shifted to AI writing tools. But, not all of these people can easily afford some premium AI tools. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, we are here to tell you about an amazing coupon code for a top AI tool. Article Forge is one of the most sought-after AI writing tools. And we are here to give you an Article Forge coupon which will save you 51% on it.

It’s not always profitable for companies to offer coupon codes. That is why websites like GrabHosts search for different ways to get discounts on these tools. Article Forge does not usually have tons of coupons. But, GrabHosts did a brilliant job in bringing us a top-class coupon code that is worth 51% of Article Forge’s price.

If you are not aware of Article Forge, let us give you a short intro. Article Forge is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence to generate human-quality articles. Its content is easy to rank as it is optimized for SEO, and also has a human touch to it.

Keep reading to find the Article Forge coupon in this article and learn more about this enigmatic AI tool.

Article Forge: A Brief Intro

The name itself gives away most of the information, Article Forge can be used to generate articles. These articles, however, are not some random pieces of content. As we know Article Forge’s software is well-trained, it writes articles that make sense and sound like it’s been written by a human writer.

Not only that, some other features of Article Forge make these articles very interesting. For example, SEO optimization gives you a great helping hand in making it ranking-worthy. Similarly, the image and video insertion features give the content a lot of authority. All of these features of Article Forge come at a price, one combined price.

Now, we will tell you what all these interesting features cost. There are two pricing plans for Article Forge. The first plan is called Standard while the second one is their Business plan. The starting price of Article Forge is $27 per month. This is not the final price as we told you about an Article Forge coupon.

Keep reading to find out more about this coupon!

Article Forge Coupon by GrabHosts

Article Forge Coupon

You now know enough information about Article Forge, it’s time to save some money. But before that, let’s give you a little background information about who brought you this coupon for article forge. It’s also the place where you can find tons of other coupon codes. Presenting you the residing place of coupon codes, GrabHosts.

A Background of GrabHosts

GrabHosts started as a coupon-only website and it has now grown into the hub of coupon codes for different tools that are sold online. On this website, you can find coupon codes for tools that vary from AI writing to website plugins.

The coupon codes offered by Article Forge are mostly exclusive and bring you a lot of discounts on your favorite products. As of now, there are tons of active coupon codes offered by GrabHosts. The Article Forge coupon that we are now going to discuss, is also their blessing.

Article Forge Coupon to Save 51%

The time has come for us to tell you about this elusive Article Forge coupon code. If you want to buy their standard plan, it will save you 51% on it. The price of their starting price is generally $27 a month, but this coupon reduces it to only $13 per month.

This Article Forge coupon is applicable on all of their plans and it does not expire anytime soon. At the least, it will save you a total of $168 in a year. If you’re wondering how to get it, read the next section.

How To Get the Article Forge Coupon

The following are the steps you should follow to get this coupon code:

  • First, go to the GrabHosts website and then the Article Forge coupon store
  • There, look for the coupon with a 51% discount
  • Click on that coupon and go to Article Forge’s website
  • There, select a plan of your choice and toggle the yearly plan button
  • Purchase that plan and complete all the steps you are asked

And it’s that simple to save 51% on Article Forge.


This article is a rather simple one, it is about a coupon code of Article Forge. We discussed the tool a little bit at the start. Then we talked about GrabHosts, a website that brought the newest coupon codes for online tools. And lastly, we discussed the coupon itself,

If you are looking to save some money on your next AI tool purchase, we suggest you read this article. We have discussed an Article Forge coupon worth a 51% discount.

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